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Atlas Monitor Carrier

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Atlas Monitor carrier systems – supporting diagnostic imaging

Product Range

The Atlas monitor carrier systems are used with imaging systems for radiology, cardio-vascular investigations, hybrid operating rooms, and endoscopic surgery. Thanks to their flexibility, a solution can be configured for any desired flat screen application. Carried by state of the art pendant systems, the Atlas monitor is easily manoeuvrable and can be positioned optimally.

Corner Protection From All Sides

The all-round corner protection ensures that the flat screens are protected against collisions from the sides as well as from above and below. The ergonomically shaped corner protection can be simultaneously used as a positioning handle on the side. Additional features such as braking and up/down switches can be integrated.

Ergonomic Operation

The Atlas monitor carrying systems are moved using the ergonomically shaped handles. Using brake buttons and up/down buttons, depending on the pendant system, the flat screens can be positioned at the desired height and angle of viewing.


The ergonomic fastening mechanism of the flat screens using VESA 75 x 75 and 100 x 100 interfaces ensures optimum positioning of the individual medical flat screens. Thanks to the 3D adjustable fasteners, the flat screens can be aligned exactly horizontally and vertically. This makes gap-free mounting possible.