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Total length with headboard and footboard 2100 mm. ± 10 mm. Total width with handrails 1060 mm. ± 10 mm. Maximum / minimum height (without mattress) 190/725 mm. ± 10 mm. Height first stop (without mattress) 405 mm. ± 10 mm. Second stop height (without mattress) 270 mm. ± 10 mm. Tilt back angle 55 ° ± 5 ° Angle tilt extremities 23 ° ± 2 ° Angle positions Trendelemburg / Antitrendelemburg 15 ° / 15 ° ± 2 ° Maximum security load (SWL) 230 kg.

elp lift and move the patientMaximum safety load (SWL): 230 Kg.


The aesthetic design, the optimization of its movements and the solutions it provides, make this bed the perfect solution for care uses in residences of the elderly, geriatric and even homes. The Alzheimer’s bed reduces the risk of falls, often severe, thanks to the minimum height at which it can be lowered, which makes it significantly increase safety at night, especially in active patients.


Guard rails for greater safety in tasks that require raising the bed and for when the user presents greater physical deterioration.
Lifting motors programmed to block the bed at different heights and thus favor the transfer of the patient, the incorporation and lie down. These pre-programmed stops are also performed to prevent the cma from rising in Trendelemburg or Antitrendelemburg position, thus avoiding risks for the patient.
Small diameter wheels (4 + 2) that favors this reduced position of minimum height and the transfer of the bed, in addition to a sophisticated braking system to prevent it from being able to move or accidentally move.
Control cable allows to adopt different therapeutic positions such as Trendelemburg, Antitrendelemburg, cardiac chair and Fowler.
Power brackets and drawers on both sides. Polyamide coated to prevent noise and oxidation.
Accessible for transfer systems: There is no lower chassis, so there is complete freedom to be able to introduce cranes that help lift and move the patient.
Maximum safety load (SWL): 230 Kg.


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