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Production sizes: From 75 to 200 cm. width
  180/190/200 cm. length

Characteristics :


Textile 70% Cotton – 30% Polyester. Anti-mite, antibacterial and mold-proof treatments. Supersoft feel.

Upper side padded with 2 cm. viscoelastic foam. High transpiration tridimensional fabric in lower side. Removable cover with u shape zipper hided in the inferior zone.

Textile 100% Polyester. Anti-mite, antibacterial and mold-proof treatments. High resistance soft feel

Removable cover with lateral zipper.

Optional twin cover.

Inner protection cover with elastic knits and zipper


20 cm. thick viscoelastic foam block molded on HR support. 9 cm. upper layer of viscoelastic Memory Forma® with upper reticulated embossing and a lower embossing  with 7 ergonomic adapted independent resting zones, molded on HR high density 11 cm support.


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