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Maximum length with footboard and headboard 2060 mm.
Total Width with side rails 1010 mm.
Min./Max height of bed base (without mattress) 350 mm. / 780 mm.
Backrest max. angle  
Legrest max angle  
Trend / Reverse trend angles 14º / 16º
Max Safe Working Load (SWL) 230 kg
  • Electric bed with four articulated panels and double compass electric driven elevation system.
  • Bed base made of HPL manually removable panels. Fireproof, waterproof, antifungal and high scratch resistance.
  • Four cover 125mm wheels with simultaneous braking by double pedal in both sides of the bed to enhanced usability and save movements around the bed. Directional position.
  • German motorization composed by three motors; two for the raising system (6.000N strength and IP44 protection) and one motor for the double bedstead (9.000N strength and IPX4 protection) that ensures a greater protection against liquids entry that could damage the motor in comparison with standard motors.
  • HPL mattress platforms with dual regression to prevent UPP’s. The regression (12cm.) in the thorax and thighs section releases the pressure of the abdominal and sacral area respectively. This action prevents the formation of UPP’s en long term patients.
  • Great stability of the bed due to the chart length and the double compass elevation system.
  • Agora bed is made under the standard IEC 60601-2-52 in all its possible configurations.


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