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About MPC

Medical Products Consulting, S.a.r.l

Since 1995, MPC specializes in the distribution of medical equipment and health-related products, we would always be at the forefront of new technology medical supplies and health products.
Customer satisfaction is at the core of our activity that is why our company is a partner of a large companies in the world.


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MPC is a group tracking distributions of 3 companies in Tunisia since 1995

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The MPC Clients

They are in the center of our business

Our clientele is diverse and varied: individuals, the large hospitals and multinationals.
Among our clients, we distinguish the following categories:

Aesthetics, Veterinarians, rehabilitation …

universities, colleges, training centers …

public agencies, Halls, Medical Laboratories Offices, Foundations, NGOs, gyms, Fire, Force, airports, shopping centers, sports complexes, Ambulances, Residential Customers, etc. …

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